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Creative Socials at LIFE Center Stage offer the opportunity for our community to come together, participate, nurture, grow, express and exchange these budding seeds of self-expression in a safe recovery-friendly environment. Our artful and inspiring gatherings are designed with the intention of sparking the seed of creative genius that lies dormant within each one of us.

There are forums for music, writing, poetry, family drumming, improv and much more in the works. It is our intention at LIFE Center Stage to partner with you, our local community, to offer an alternative to a commute into “The City” to experience the raw, passionate, emerging and brilliant talent that is available right here in our own “living room social salon.”  Come join us for an interactive experience or simply listen in and enjoy “artfulness in play.”

Through committed partnership, we can make a huge difference! Given the opportunity, every one of us wants and needs to be seen, heard, connect, and live a purposeful life without stigma or shame. By creating this outreach program series, we can bridge the existing divide by educating through personal stories, inspiring performances and creative individual and social development. Interested in attending a workshop? or hosting a workshop? Contact Vicky at 973-985-7548 or

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