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Bridging Realities™ is an initiative to bring communities together in fun-filled, uplifting and inspiring ways that educate through personal experience and creative expression.  Igniting Creativity and Purposeful Living © is a program that is structured to build bridges in the effort to close the gap connecting all who are affected by and are on the road to recovery from illness, depressions, addiction, anxiety, isolation and more… to community.


To launch Igniting Creativity and Purposeful Living © via community concerts, expressive events, innovative creative workshops, and community outreach trainings.


Through committed partnership, we can make a huge difference! Given the opportunity, every one of us wants and needs to be seen, heard, connect, and live a purposeful life without stigma or shame. By creating this outreach program series, we can bridge the existing divide by educating through personal stories, inspiring performances and creative individual and social development.

Project Outline

In order to build the bridges connecting committed stigma-free organizations to their local municipalities and concerned businesses, Igniting Creativity and Purposeful Living © is a peer-support leadership program that engages community through the creation of ongoing  events that focus on family and recovery-friendly, fun-filled expressive art performances. The concept and programs are designed to take individuals, as well as the collective community, out of limiting belief systems and offer structured artistic outlets. In doing so, this process also raises awareness of our core commonality rather than fixing attention on the stigma associated with any type of recovery.

We advocate for an informed grass roots approach that fosters mentorship and leadership through peer participation, and is, in our experience, the most consistently successful recovery program in the long run.

Please take a moment to view the following videos:

TED Talk featuring Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong


Future of StoryTelling: Paul Zak


Through Igniting Creativity and Purposeful Living © we highly recommend and offer assistance with the following projects:

Performances Events

  • Recovery Concerts - Led by Peers
  • Storytelling - Led by Rivka Willick
  • Poetry and Spoken Word Readings and Performances -Led by Peer
  • Open Mics - Led by Peers

Wellness Programs

  • Drum Circles - Led by Vicky Mulligan and Linda Bagdon
  • Sound Healing - crystal bowls, drumming, tuning forks (various teachers)
  • Breathwork - Elizabeth Hanifin and Vicky Mulligan
  • Yoga - Peer
  • Archetypal Discovery - Turning challenges into opportunities - Vicky Mulligan
  • 5 Rhythms - movement meditation

Expressive Arts Workshops and Presentations 

  • Drum Song Workshop - Led by Ubaka Hill
  • Rhythm for LIFE - a meditation practice - Led by Vicki Genfan
  • TED Style Talks - Led by Rivka Willick
  • Vocal Workshops - Free Your Voice Free Yourself -Led by Lorraine Ferro
  • Songwriting workshops - Led by Lorraine Ferro
  • Spotlight: Personal Storytelling - Led by RivkaWillick
  • Studio Recording
  • Painting
  • Community Outreach trainings
  • Trainings for Hosts
    and more...

In conclusion, we believe and have experienced, that when we are seen, accepted and encouraged to express ourselves in a safe, supportive and stigma-free environment, we liberate a passion for living that leads to a fuller and richer life. Bridging Realities™ through its initiative Igniting Creativity and Purposeful Living © has been tested and created for just this purpose.

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