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We at LIFE Center stage are dedicated to providing programs through the expressive arts to revitalize community engagement, socialization, and generate creative cooperation for individual and community growth, we focus on artistic development, youth leadership and drug prevention. 

Our intimate listening room performance space Rest Stop Rejuvenate, located at 21 Maple Ave. in Rockaway NJ features our programs, inspirational artists and on-going creative socials. We provide participants the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and become social advocates for positive change. Creative leadership is at the heart of our mission. Our goal is to unearth the creative passions that exist in all of us.


We believe when we are seen, accepted and encouraged to express ourselves we liberate a passion for living that leads to living a richer more full life. 

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Moving Through Challendges and Embodying Goals @ Rest Stop Rejuvenate
Jan 19 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Facilitated by Sylvie Minot founder of Syzygy Dance Project , 501(c)(3) organization 

Time: 6 pm to 10 pm
Cost: $80.00
Contact Vicky to register by calling or texting 973-985-7548.

As we enter the New Year setting intentions and goals for ourselves, more often than not there are obstacles and challenges in the way.

Movement is a tool for discovery and transformation. It brings greater awareness and new insight into how emotions are held in the body and can be released. We will play with embodying these challenging patterns so that we can transform old beliefs and stories that no longer serve our wellbeing and invite us to embody new goals and dreams.

Open Mic at RSR @ Rest Stop Rejuvenate
Jan 20 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Attention musicians, singers, poets and storytellers:

Please join us for Life Center Stage’s monthly Open Mic at Rest Stop Rejuvenate!

We offer a supportive living room environment, giving this Open Mic a home concert feel.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore and expand your talents.

Enjoy the freedom to express yourself while having LOTS OF FUN!

If you sing, but don’t play an instrument, we have songbooks (or you may bring a few copies of sheet music or lyric/chord sheets) and our house musicians or regular open mic performers are available to accompany you.

Not a performer? Please come and listen. All are welcome to attend.

Format: Depending on the crowd,each performer on the sign-up sheet gets 3 songs/poems – no more than 12 minutes. If there are more than 15 performers signed up, then there may be a limit of only 2 songs (8 minutes) to ensure everyone who wishes to perform has the chance to do so…even if we run late.

* You must sign up in person. Please do not sign up other performers on their behalf if they have not arrived yet. *

** Please be ready when it is your turn to perform. Be sure your guitar is tuned prior to stepping on the stage. This will speed up the transition between performers. **

*** Please be courteous and supportive of all the performers. This is a “listening room.” Therefore, please refrain from talking during performances. ***

We provide a Professional Quality PA System & Mixing Board, 2 microphones & mic stands, 3 guitar cables, and an Electric Piano as well as a music stand to hold lyrics or poems.

While we understand performers often prefer to use their own equipment, we respectfully request that you make use of our gear and not bring any of the following: drum kits, keyboards or amplifiers. This kind of equipment usually requires time-consuming setups and break-downs, and we would prefer to spend the time on performances so as to give everyone a chance within a reasonable time frame.

Drummers are welcome to bring hand percussion instruments, djembes or cajons.

Any guitar player that uses a special effects pedal, please have all your cables & pedals hooked up with your own cables so all we have to do is plug your end cable (1/4” or XLR) into the soundboard.

PLEASE CALL AHEAD with any specific questions about this policy or if you have any special equipment needs with which we can assist.

Rest Stop Rejuvenate
21 Maple Ave
Rockaway NJ 07866

Word Crafters at RSR @ Rest Stop Rejuvenate
Jan 25 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Word Crafters

Facilitated by Arianne Petersen

Date: Second & Fourth Thursday
Time: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm!
Fee: $10.00 includes tea and cookies.

We are a friendly group of writers and storytellers who express ourselves through our love of the written word. All levels of craftsmanship and forms of writing are welcome, from poetry, prose fiction and nonfiction, to song writing, screenplays and scripts, and anything in between. Our goal is to inspire and encourage each other through good listening skills, positive feedback and creative energy.

We come together twice monthly to share and support our work. Our meetings start with a lively discussion about various writing topics, which are announced prior to the meetings. Discussions conclude after about twenty to thirty minutes. There is a short break as we transition into the sharing portion of our meetings. For the remaining approximate hour and a half, all writers are invited to share a brief selection of their personal work. Any level of critique is available based on the writer’s wants and needs, though critique is always optional. If anyone has longer pieces they would like to share at the meetings, they are invited to share those at the end of the meetings after everyone else has shared.






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Did you know that within your body there are over 100 unique rhythms, all pulsating different rhythms all at the same time? From the beating of your heart, to your circadian cycles of sleep and waking, to the deep cranial rhythms pulsating up and down your spine, these rhythms never leave you, but you may not be aware of them.

In today's over-stimulating world, we are constantly pulled by external events, electromagnetic fields and emotional waves of the people and 'things' around us.  Many of us feel that we've lost touch with the deepest rhythms and cycles of our bodies, hearts and even our environment.  As holistic doctor, Frank Lipton so beautiful says, "We have stopped listening to the ticking of our body’s internal clock. We pay more attention to the watches on our wrists than to the ones in our cells."

Vicki Genfan’s extensive knowledge of music, sound and energy healing are channeled into the Rhythm for Life Training Program. 

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In the Songwriting Discovery Workshop Series the emphasis is on exploring the heart and soul of the great songwriter. If you’ve misunderstood that last sentence, we’re talking about YOUR heart and YOUR soul. No matter whether you’ve been writing songs for ages, or are just beginning, there’s an artist inside you whose expression you haven’t tapped into yet. During each six week series, we will be discussing and applying a multitude of songwriting techniques and exercises that will challenge, stimulate and stretch your creative muscles in a team oriented environment that celebrates your own accomplishments as well as those of your classmates. Weekly assignments will focus on the songs you are creating and how to develop them.

The overall goal in the ongoing songwriting curriculum at Life Center Stage is to present the tools and techniques of professional songwriting while supporting and encouraging the artistic development of each participant in the class. In other words, The Songwriting Discovery Workshop is designed to marry the craft and skills of the master songwriter to each individual artist’s unique story and point of view.

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Great Idea Story Talk Workshop: In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of captivating storytelling. This series is comprised of pointed lectures and hands-on exercises that focus on creating a story talk that resonates with your audience. This workshop is great way to showcase your vision-into-reality story, create narratives for professional networking, brand your small businesses and more.

Participants will spend four Sundays (10/15, 10/29, 11/5, 11/12) developing their ideas into a presentation and receiving feedback from professionals and peers. Finish this exciting workshop on a 5th date (12/3), by creating a video that can use for marketing, self or professional development, web content, and/or presentation package for TEDx and other Story Style Showcases.

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